Q: Where are your products manufactured?

A: We manufacture all products in Australia, they are all handmade using the finest quality fabrics.


Q: How do you wash your collars?

A: The collars are machine washable, you dont even need to iron, just flat lay dry. Please remember to close the velcro at the back when washing so it doesnt catch on other clothing items.


Q: How often will you be adding new designs?

A: Monthly, some will be limited edition collars made only in small quantities. The collar will be listed as 'Limited Edition'


Q: Will you only make collars?

A: Watch this space, as we have some cute new designs in progress and some accessories we are planning on launching too.


Q: Where do you get your fabrics from?

A: Most are sourced internationally from the UK or Italy - we try to only use the best quality fabrics to ensure supreme comfort for your little ones and for adults too.